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Hey friends! It’s been a long time since I posted here, yet it doesn’t mean there was no progress in the project! I’ve made many updates with feedback from potential users, mentors, and advisors. I want to share with you the latest screens of the app I’ve designed so far.

I’m currently working on some upcoming blog posts that will explain the process of how I got here. Things just got super busy with graduation right around the corner! For now, here are some photos of the latest screens, and I promise to write about the process once I get my diploma :)

Changed “Discover” button to “Explore” on the menu as it conveyed the essence of the experience better:

Added a location permission screen, which is necessary to see the songs people around you are listening to.

Refined the songs list screen.

Redesigned the explore screen, added a “skip song” button (2 days before Spotify introduced a skip button on their discover weekly 😂)

This is how the buttons looks like when tapped (Like)

This is how the buttons looks when tapped (Skip)

Swiping through songs screen

Adjusting the radius when run out of songs screen

Homepage after using this feature for some time:

Your Places of Discovery screen:

Greenwich Village screen showing the songs you discovered there and liked:

Revisiting a song you discovered using this feature. Explore icon is placed next to the queue icon.

When tapped, it shows information about the date and time you discovered this song.

When tapped, it will show you more details about that day. For example: If you took photos that day, you can see these photos, or even a street view of the place you discovered the song.

Thank you for checking this out! More updates with actual process documentation coming soon!

Take care!



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