Mission Statement Revised + New Lo-Fi Sketches

During the meeting I had with my advisor, we discussed how we could refine my mission statement to capture the essence of my product idea.

I decided to remove fun and social and keep playful (as playful is also fun) and memorable.

I decided to go with memorable because it has a more substantial impact on one’s life. My logic behind it was that we are so stuck with algorithms that we don’t remember when or how we discovered a certain song. It was just given to us by an algorithm, with no feelings or stories attached to it. I decided to make music discovery playful and memorable so that the songs we listen to can bring memories back and enrich our lives.

Therefore, my new mission statement is:

Make music discovery playful and memorable

“What makes something memorable?” was the next question I explored. I found that there are several considerations, but they can be broadly broken down into three key themes: attention, novelty, and emotion.

With that in mind, I came up with some low-fi prototypes for different ideas that I thought would make things memorable.

Idea I:

Discover songs from people around you:

When user walk into a place, an icon pops up letting them know they can check out 5 songs people are listening to around them.
User can tap on the icon, which takes them to an interface that shows the songs around them.
User can hold on the the bubble to hear the song sample
After sampling, user can tap on the cover art once and listen to the full song.

Idea II: Random Song from people around you

Users tap a button that gives them a random song that is being played by a person around them

Idea III: Curated playlists that are based on the locations the user is at

App send the user a notification when they walk into a place that has a curated playlist.

All of these ideas connect the songs with places and time. Perhaps the listener start to recall the memories when they re-hear the song months, and maybe years after. This is an assumption that needs to be tested, but I am excited to explore this territory.

I will have a meeting with my advisor next week to talk about which of these ideas, or combination of them, can make music discover playful and memorable.



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